I really appreciate their service, technical support, 10-foot opening and how quickly the lid gets out of the way. I have run a lot of different crushers but the OverBuilt is the best.”

--Jessie Breger, B&B Trucking & Crushing

Coalgate, Okalahoma

3 Time Repeat Customer


The OverBuilt car crusher truly lives up to its name.”

--David & Brandy Kaufman, Billy Glueck, Glueck’s Auto Parts, Inc.

Osprey, Florida


We really appreciate the reliability of the OverBuilt Car Crusher.”

--Buddy Kress & Joe Kress, Harry’s U-Pull-It Auto Parts

West Hazelton, Allentown,& Pennsburg, Pennsylvania

4 Time Repeat Customer


The OverBuilt Car Crusher has no problem crushing a 20,000 lb bundle. We more than doubled our production.”

--Dale, Don & TJ Lankford, Lankford Salvage Parts

Sweetwater, Tennessee



I can’t imagine why anyone would buy any crusher other than the OverBuilt Car Crusher.”

--Sam Price, Larry’s Auto & Truck Parts

Burlington, Washington

2 Time Repeat Customer


My son and I enjoyed touring your plant this summer and found all of you to be very courteous and welcoming. We were very impressed by your people and are currently enjoying our 2004 OverBuilt crusher.”

--Mark & Aileen Lund, Lunds Auto Recyclers

Franklin, Minnesota